Climate Change: Myth or Reality?

January 5, 2014

For a long time, I was a firm believer in man-made climate change. I even wrote a few articles about it, but lately  I an having some serious doubts. The evidence just doesn’t seem to be there to support the theory of man-made global warming due to greenhouse emissions.

Average global temperatures have not increased over the last ten years. Right now, we are experiencing bitter cold wave conditions in Canada and, indeed, over much of North America. India is seeing the coldest winter in 17 years, according to newspaper reports.

If you read the statements from IPCC scientists, most of them say the science of climate change is settled. However, what is really unsettling to me is that there seems to be very little hard, undeniable evidence.

My own feeling is that scientists at IPCC constructed a theory based on historical data about climate change, and, historical data about green house gases. The historical data offered good support for the theory of  greenhouse gases causing global temperature change, in the past.  Then, they projected these models into the future and came up with all kinds of dire predictions. They projected how much havoc a one degree global temperature rise could cause.People bought into these predictions, without realizing they were only projections from the past.

No one, so far, has been able to predict the future correctly – it is always unexpected. Economists are wrong very often, while media pundits are almost always wrong. Scientists do not have a much better track record. Not only that, but many scientists now have a vested interest in supporting the theory of man-made climate change as they have made  lucrative careers out of it.




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