Republican Convention:Where is Canada?

September 2, 2012

It is surprising that the Republican convention remained  silent on Canada, even though other neighbours like  Mexico and Cuba find passing mention. Perhaps, the republicans do not wish to draw attention to the fact that Canada is doing  very well with its moderate stance on most issues. In fact, Canada is a shining example on how to deal with issues by taking the moderate, rational position.


Canada provides universal health care system  to all its residents; the per capita costs are lower than in the US , where the health care is completely run by the private sector. In Canada, the government manages the system but there are elements of privatization – a happy compromise.  Sometimes, the wait times are long for some non-critical procedures, but over all, the system runs quite well.


Canada achieved energy independence long ago, being a net exporter of resources such as oil. Many decades ago, the US was in the same position with its generous oil reserves. But it squandered away valuable resources with no controls on excessive consumption. It is now strongly addicted to foreign oil – a dependency that causes wars throughout the world. Most Canadian cities have good public transit systems, far better than the US which depends almost entirely on automobiles for personal transportation.


Canada has low crime rates, with its moderate stance on gun control. Unlike in the US, licences are needed to buy guns in Canada, but requirements are not too onerous. Some countries have taken gun licensing controls too far, with the result that mostly criminals own guns. The US has taken the opposite approach, with no licensing requirements at all. Canada has taken a moderate stance on this issue, as in many other things.

Canada has done well on social issues, too, by taking a moderate position. In this country, there are no heated debates on race, religion, gay rights or abortion – because none are required.

The Canadian economy moves along   at a steady pace, without too many ups or downs. Canadian banks are stable, being fairly conservative in their lending practices. They have kept away from risky mortgages and avoided the met-down that seems to happen every few years in the US financial system.


In the US politics, it seems you have to be either an extreme Republican or an extreme Democrat; there is no middle ground.

You need the middle ground in order to succeed as a country.


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