President Trump Visits Canada

June 6, 2016

The year is late 2017.

After more than six months in power, President Trump finally embarks on his Canadian visit. Like most of his decisions, it is not without controversy.

In reality, the prez wanted to visit other countries first. But all Muslim countries said a resounding No. The Chinese were lukewarm about the idea, and Hispanic speaking countries were none too keen, either. The British gave a very cool reception to the idea, citing security concerns. In the end, only the Canadians were available, but only after a good deal of diplomatic arm twisting.

During the few months of the Trump presidency, a lot has changed in the US and in Canada. The prez got his way on one issue and imposed a 35% tariff on imports to the US. This has saved a few US jobs as some companies decided to come back to the US. However, many others decided to move out, leading to a general recession.

The Canadian economy, on the other hand has exploded. Under NAFTA, goods from Canada can move into the US duty-free, creating a major loophole. The Canadians have exploited this loophole, bringing in goods from all over the world, and selling them to the US. President Trump has tried to re-visit NAFTA, but the process is mired in legal procedures. Also, the prez has now discovered his powers are quite limited and he is not getting any support from fellow Republicans whom he has insulted along the path to the presidency.

The Canadian dollar is already trading at $2.15 US, and the economists predict it will climb much higher in the next year.

The Canadian oil industry is booming, although there is not much going in the tar sands. Instead, the oil companies are busy setting up refineries – buying crude from the Middle East, doing minimal processing and selling it to the US at a hefty profit.

On President Trump’s arrival in Canada, he is greeted by crowds of supporters who want to thank him for bringing prosperity to Canada.

President Trump is very pleased and promises to visit again and again, hardly realizing that he is damaging his own country by doing so.

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