Vipassana Blog: Nine days to go

August 17, 2014

We are now nine days away from our Vipassana retreat, scheduled to start on August 26 at Montebello, Quebec.

Most of our preparations are in place. However, we still have a hard time following the Vipassana schedule in the hustle bustle of daily life. It is hard to get up at 4:00 a.m. when you go to sleep late at night.

We have a fairly busy social life, mostly with family and there is always something going, especially during the week ends. Sometimes, there are two or three events back-to-back on consecutive days nd the pace gets a little hectic. Also, my job keeps me quite busy. There are also all kinds of household chores to be done.  Plus, its summertime and we simply have to go out and enjoy it before the season changes.

Still, we are slowly moving towards the retreat lifestyle; the idea is that we dont want to stress ourselves too much during the ten days at the retreat. I have given up a lifelong coffee habit, switching to the decaf version. There were withdrawal symptoms for about a week, then the body got used to it.

We are also reading other people’s Vipassana blogs; there is a wealth of material on the internet. We try to avoid the negative reviews, as we want to have the best Vipassana experience possible.



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